January 26–27, 2017

Covering Charter Schools at the 25-Year Mark

Los Angeles • January 26–27, 2017

Barely a day goes by that charter schools aren’t in the news somewhere. A quarter century after the first state law allowing charters was enacted, the sector has expanded to serve upwards of 2.5 million students in 43 states. With this growth has come increased attention —  and intense scrutiny.

How do key goals of charter advocates — whether choice and competition, improved student outcomes, or innovation — square with the reality today? What’s going right, what’s going wrong? In this EWA seminar for journalists, we examine some of the most pressing issues in charter schooling today, including academic achievement, access and equity, student segregation and diversity, innovation, discipline, special education, and teacher unionizing efforts. Participants will come away with a deeper understanding of the issues and context of charter schools, plus a wealth of story ideas to pursue.

This journalists-only seminar was held January 26 and 27 in Los Angeles, California.