Past Events March 7-8, 2023


Austin, Texas

Spotlight on School Finance and Digging Into Data Privacy at SXSW EDU

Do you want to dig into your district’s finances but don’t know where to start? Have you avoided covering school budgetary issues because numbers make you nervous? Perhaps you believe student data privacy is an issue that’s outside the education beat (let the tech reporters cover it!). Maybe terms like ‘algorithms’ and FERPA make your head spin.

Learn more about school finance and/or student data privacy issues at the 2023 SXSW EDU conference in Austin, Texas. This programming from the Education Writers Association will be held March 7-8. Hear from experts, and participate in hands-on workshops. Get the training and tools you need to cover these stories. 

EWA Private Workshops 

EWA will hold two half-day, private workshops for journalist-members. The interactive workshops are custom designed to meet reporters’ needs. Veteran education journalists will share tips, resources, and story ideas for compelling coverage of education funding and data privacy. National experts will provide fresh insights on these topics and give a peek into emerging issues, so journalist-members can plan their coverage. Additionally, EWA will provide individualized support on valuable data sets and tools to help reporters tell powerful education stories on funding and privacy.

SXSW EDU Public Panels From EWA 

The EWA programming will also include two public panels at SXSW EDU: 

  • School Funding and Student Outcomes: Experts will discuss the impact school funding has not only in the classroom, but also into adulthood, and how this should influence our thinking about investments in education. They will also discuss policy changes that aim to make school funding more equitable to ensure better outcomes for all.
  • Student Data Privacy: Experts will explore student data privacy as a civil rights issue. The panel will examine the state of the “No Data About Us Without Us” campaign and how the seemingly innocuous data points collected every day in schools have the potential to put students (particularly children of color) on a different life trajectory. 

Join us! You can apply to attend both sets of training or just one. The deadline to apply is Feb. 7

Applications have now closed. Thank you for your interest!

Photo credit: Tico Mendoza for SXSW EDU