February 8, 2022

Follow the Money: Workshop for Illinois Reporters

Workshop for Illinois Reporters on Covering COVID-19 Relief for Schools

With the federal government providing nearly $200 billion to schools for pandemic relief, states and districts have a unique opportunity to fuel the education recovery.

How is this playing out in Illinois so far? How are local school systems and the state spending their share? To what extent are the one-time federal dollars being used to better support students, especially those who need help the most?

The Education Writers Association is launching a series of virtual workshops for journalists in the Great Lakes states – which started with Illinois on Feb. 8 – to help the news media play a stronger role in answering these and other key questions. The half-day events are designed to help busy reporters get the information and guidance they need to hit the ground running, from the rules governing stimulus spending to how to file a successful FOIA request of local plans.

Here is a list of resources from the Illinois event:

Experts, education leaders at the state and local levels, and experienced journalists shared insights, practical advice, relevant data, and more. This event was tailored to the specific context in Illinois, and helped participants know exactly where to turn to get what they need.

The news media has a powerful watchdog role to play in helping the public and policymakers understand whether the unprecedented federal aid flowing to Illinois will live up to the promises of those in power. Thanks to those who joined this free workshop.

Registration for this event has closed.