February 8, 2013

Recap: Examining STEM Education

If you couldn’t make it to our Feb. 8 seminar, Under the Microscope: Examining STEM Education, we’ll be collecting resources from it on this page over the next few days.

First, check out this video report featuring participants from our STEM Science Fair:


Why STEM? Why Now?

From the president’s State of the Union address to the local want ads, STEM education and the careers these disciplines can lead to have become a centerpiece of discussions of education reform. This discussion will explore why STEM has become such a hot topic.

  • Linda Rosen, CEO, Change the Equation
  • David Saba, COO, National Math and Science Initiative
  • Scott Jaschik, Co-Founder and Editor, Inside Higher Ed (moderator)

The Science of Covering STEM: Advice for Reporters

Two top STEM education reporters offer their insights on developments reporters should be following this year along with tips for breaking down the issues and connecting with sources.

  • Scott Jaschik, Co-Founder and Editor, Inside Higher Ed
  • Erik Robelen, Assistant Editor, Education Week