A elementary-aged girl sits alone on an empty school bus.
NOVEMBER 30, 2023 1:00PM - 3:15PM

Covering Chronic Absenteeism’s Threat to Academic Recovery

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Photo credit: Allison Shelley for EDUimages

Since reopening their doors, schools have been working to help students recover from academic setbacks caused by the pandemic, aided by billions of dollars in federal-relief funds. But progress requires students to show up in the classroom. 

Chronic absenteeism, defined as missing 10% of school days or more, has skyrocketed since the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly 30% of students were chronically absent during the 2021-22 school year, according to federal data, while two-thirds of students attended a school with high or extreme levels of chronic absence. 

And the data that’s been released so far from the 2022-23 school year indicates chronic absenteeism remains a major challenge. 

The Education Writers Association will hold a virtual two-part workshop on Thursday, Nov. 30 from 1 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. Eastern to help reporters find the stories within the data, better understand the myriad causes of chronic absenteeism and explore strategies to address the problem. 

The workshop will include two sessions – one with experts, and the other featuring guidance from fellow journalists who have reported on the topic. Register today to learn more about this urgent issue, get reporting tips and develop story ideas. 

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