Past Events March 5-6, 2024

EWA at SXSW EDU 2024

Austin, Texas

Spotlight on School Finance and Digging Into Data Privacy

Do you want to better understand how schools are funded and the complex formulas state dollars flow through? Are you curious about what disparities might exist among districts and schools? 

Perhaps you’ve heard about new tech tools that monitor student activity or filter out certain content on school computers. Maybe you need help keeping up with the seemingly endless new education tools and platforms pitched to school districts. 

Learn more about school finance and/or student data privacy issues at the 2024 SXSW EDU conference in Austin, Texas. This programming from the Education Writers Association will be held March 5-6. Hear from experts, and participate in hands-on workshops. Get the training and tools you need to cover these stories. 

Journalists will spend a day immersed in these topics. Each strand of programming begins with an EWA-organized public panel discussion. Both are open to all SXSW EDU attendees. These public panels will be followed by private workshops exclusive to our journalist members. Participants should plan to spend from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central in EWA-hosted sessions. Lunch will be served. 

SXSW EDU Public Panels From EWA 

Participants will attend the following public panels at SXSW EDU organized by EWA: 

March 5

  • The Rise of Surveillance Technology in Schools: Schools have spent billions of dollars on surveillance technology in recent years. Advocates and industry leaders say these protocols help keep students safe and prevent violence. But research calls the effectiveness of these tools into question. Experts discuss solutions to these issues and what students, teachers, parents and administrators should know when it comes to the rise of a surveillance state in the classroom.

March 6 

  • EWA Radio: Considering Concentrated Poverty in School Funding: Research shows a relationship between student poverty and achievement. Many state-funding formulas allocate additional dollars for students from low-income backgrounds to level the playing field. But fewer account for concentrated poverty in communities, despite the additional challenges faced by schools serving large shares of economically disadvantaged students. Experts will discuss the impact of concentrated poverty on students, how more resources can be directed to high-poverty schools and other strategies to address these disparities and improve resource equity. The session doubles as a special edition of EWA Radio, the podcast hosted by EWA Public Editor Emily Richmond.

EWA Private Workshops 

These programs also include half-day, interactive workshops, custom designed to meet reporters’ needs. Veteran education journalists will share tips, resources and story ideas for compelling coverage of school finance and student data privacy. National experts will provide fresh insights on these topics and give a peek into emerging issues, so reporters can plan their coverage. The workshops will provide reporters with tools to help tell powerful education stories on funding and privacy.

Join us! You can apply to attend both sets of training or just one. Scholarships are available to assist with travel and lodging costs. The deadline to apply is Jan. 12.

Thanks for applying! Applications have closed. 

Photo credit: Tico Mendoza for SXSW EDU