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Early Childhood Education

The education beat doesn’t begin when 5-year-olds enter kindergarten. Expanding knowledge on how young children learn, combined with an array of early education models, means reporters also cover the different settings in which children spend their earliest years.

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More About Early Childhood Education

Data/Research: Early Childhood Education
To better understand the landscape surrounding early childhood education, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the most timely research and data sources
History and Background: Early Childhood Education
Settlement houses played an important role in social policies involving early-childhood education, and continue to be among the mix of providers running child care and preschool programs for disadvant
What Are Signs of Quality in Early Learning Settings?
There are numerous ways to judge the quality of early childhood education settings
Head Start and Other Federal Programs
One of the best-known federal programs for early childhood education is Head Start. Started in 1965, Head Start programs serve children from birth to age 5 as well as pregnant women
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