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Federal P-12 Policy & Funding

While states and local school districts control day-to-day operations in classrooms and provide most of the funding to schools, the federal government’s importance in both areas should not be discounted. It plays a significant role in promoting educational equity and protecting students’ civil rights, and has influenced everything from school accountability systems and academic standards to school safety and the education of students with disabilities.

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More About Federal P-12 Policy & Funding

Data/Research: Federal P-12 Policy & Funding
As the funding landscape continues to evolve, it will be critically important to understand the nuances of the organizations that fund P-12 schools
History and Background: P-12 Policy & Funding
To understand the P-12 policy and funding landscape, it’s important to understand how the federal funding process for education works
Glossary: Federal P-12 Policy and Funding
A few of the terms below are phrases. A few are acronyms. Some might think they’re all jargon. But you might see them kicking around when federal education policy and funding are discussed
A Sampler of Major P-12 Programs
Below is some information about a few of the largest Education Department programs for K-12 education and their funding levels as of fiscal 2020, unless otherwise noted
Key Elements of the Every Student Succeeds Act
The Every Student Succeeds Act is the main federal K-12 law for education
Answers to 3 Questions on Civil Rights and Federal Education Policy
The Education Department plays an important role in protecting the civil rights of students
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