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Community Colleges

A community college has a bit of a split personality. One side of the college is full of students trying to take classes at a less expensive rate before transferring to a four-year school to finish up a bachelor’s degree. The other side is full of students working on the latest manufacturing robots, learning to cook or brushing up on their welding skills in a short time frame.

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More About Community Colleges

Data/Research: Community Colleges
Like everything else in higher education, community colleges are awash in data and studies. It can quickly overwhelm you, especially when you’re on deadline
History and Background: Community Colleges
They’ve been known as community colleges, junior colleges, technical colleges, two-year colleges, or city colleges. Some are dropping any modifier and just naming themselves colleges
Community Colleges in Popular Culture
The numbers make your head swim. Take a break and enjoy watching some depictions of community colleges
Story Ideas: Community Colleges
Community colleges are often tied closer to communities, and offer more access to post-K-12 education, than do four-year schools, making them rich areas for reporters to mine for stories
Five Questions to Ask: Community Colleges
How the graduation rates for students who start in remedial level courses compare to those who start at college level courses? And more
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