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Student Loans

About 44 million people in the U.S. owe on student loans. At more than $1.5 trillion, education debt now exceeds our credit card balances and auto loans

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More About Student Loans

Data/Research: Student Loans
Understanding the data behind student loans is essential for reporters covering this beat
History and Background: Student Loans
Students loans — and especially today’s widespread reliance on them — are a relatively recent phenomenon in the American higher education system
Glossary: Student Loans
Some key concepts for a better understanding of this topic
Debunking Common Student Loan Myths
Most American adults do not have student loans; just under one in five do. That’s in part because many Americans don’t go to college, but even among those who do, 40% of two- and four-year student
What to Know About Debt Forgiveness
In the years since the presidential candidate Bernie Sanders introduced the idea of widespread debt forgiveness into the mainstream, it’s become a common rallying cry among younger, progressive vote
Five Fresh Student Loan Story Ideas
Fertile ground for journalists include forgiveness, parent loans and claims of victimhood
Student Debt and Race
A college degree is widely considered one of the most reliable paths toward upward economic mobiilty
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