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Jill Barshay has been following tutoring research since before the COVID-19 pandemic. She tells listeners what the research says, discusses what type of tutoring schools are doing, and shares how she uses education research to find stories. (EWA Radio Episode 312)

The battle for keeping students and staff safe and healthy from COVID-19 and RSV isn’t over. Reporters and doctors weigh in.

Former NPR education correspondent Anya Kamenetz details insights she gained talking to children and families during the pandemic and discusses her new book. 

New investigation raises questions on spending priorities of local districts and whether states are prepared to effectively track the federal aid (EWA Radio Episode 280)

School leaders are scrambling, yet again, during the third academic year since the pandemic began disrupting education in spring 2020

The Boston Globe’s Bianca Vázquez Toness put the spotlight on families whose educational experiences were most disrupted by the pandemic