Student Health & School Safety

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A low-income single mother homeschooling her children during the pandemic was featured in a film produced by Aisha Sultan. The St. Louis-based columnist discusses the filmmaking process and the emotional toll of reporting on educational inequality.

Climate change is “fundamentally a local story,” Education Week’s Madeline Will and Arianna Prothero explain. They discuss their reporting and provide resources for covering climate change and its effects on students.

The battle for keeping students and staff safe and healthy from COVID-19 and RSV isn’t over. Reporters and doctors weigh in.

Students who are homeless in rural areas receive most of their support from their school districts. Journalist Samantha Shapiro explains their challenges and why they need more help.

In the early months of the pandemic, many districts were rethinking their policies and practices around campus safety

For Madisyn Slater, a senior at Blake High School in Tampa, Florida, there was little question that popular biology teacher Tiffany Johnson crossed the line with students