Interventions in the Classroom: What Works, What Doesn’t

New Lens on Learning: The Hidden Value of Motivation, Grit and Engagement


What does it take to get a kid to care about school? A wave of research is producing quick interventions that motivate students to learn, with hundreds of schools adopting curricular tools designed to boost students’ growth mindsets. How do young learners respond to these efforts to reshape their views about themselves in the context of school? How can educators employ these tricks while teaching core subjects like math or English? We’ll also get a detailed demonstration on the ways in which math can be taught through a growth mindset approach, and the effect these interventions have on addressing equity in the classroom.

  • Jo Boaler, professor, Stanford University
  • Dave Paunesku, professor, Stanford University
  • Evie Blad, reporter, Education Week (moderator)