Videos: EWA Higher Education Seminar Fall 2023

Some recorded sessions from EWA’s fall 2023 Higher Education Seminar in Riverside, California. 

After SCOTUS: The Challenge of Equity in College Admissions

With the Supreme Court reversing decades of precedent, postsecondary institutions may no longer consider a student’s race in admissions decisions. What other tools might be used to boost diversity and equity on college campuses, and how likely are they to be embraced? What is the trickle-down effect of this ruling for less-selective colleges? And what lessons can be learned from postsecondary institutions that already utilize race-blind admissions policies?

Students at the Polls: Covering the Youth Vote on Campus

Younger voters (ages 18-29) are expected to be a seismic force in 2024, as they were in the past two election cycles. Amid efforts by some conservative lawmakers to make it tougher for college students to cast ballots, what do reporters need to know about the concerns and issues driving this diverse demographic group?

Opportunity Engine: How Colleges Can Help Students Achieve Social Mobility

Social mobility is a key factor in ongoing debates about the value of a college degree. Which colleges give students, particularly those who are low-income or first-generation, the best return on their investment, and which most improve their life outcomes? And more importantly, how are they doing it? Experts will discuss effective strategies, how to hold colleges accountable on this measure and important questions reporters should be asking.