Covering Native American Students

Stories about Native American students are rarely told in education. And when they are, coverage is often a one-off piece, usually around Thanksgiving, which focuses on their challenges. Sasha Aslanian sought to change this.

(EWA Radio Episode 299)

Photo credit: Illustration by Rachel Sender for APM Reports

Covering a community different from your own can be tricky – especially when that community has a fraught relationship with the U.S. education system, created by years of racism and cultural erasure.

To understand how Native American students experience college, Sasha Aslanian of APM Reports asked three indigenous students to be partners with her and record their experiences on tape. She shaped those approximately 30 hours of interviews into a remarkably thoughtful one-hour documentary, “Standing in Two Worlds: Native American College Diaries.”

Aslanian shares what she learned about tough conversations, the importance of framing a story and why she hired a “sensitivity reader.”

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