Homeless Students in Rural America

Students who are homeless in rural areas receive most of their support from their school districts. Journalist Samantha Shapiro explains their challenges and why they need more help. (EWA Radio Episode 306)

Photo credit: Bigstock


Rural students are homeless in about the same proportion as their urban counterparts, but as Samantha Shapiro found in her story for The New York Times Magazine, they often have far less of a support system. In many cases, schools offer the only help available.

Shapiro, an EWA Reporting Fellow, wrote “Young and Homeless in Rural America.” She introduced readers to several families experiencing homelessness and school personnel trying valiantly to help. Her piece shows the heavy burdens placed on school districts and why much more help is needed. 

In this EWA Radio episode, Public Editor Kavitha Cardoza chats with Shapiro about how she got interested in reporting on homelessness. Additionally, Shapiro explains how she set aside her emotions while reporting and details “hopeful endings” in bleak stories.

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