A Reporter’s Guide to Covering Teacher Strikes


Given the string of teacher strikes over the past year, a question for education reporters to consider is: Could your district or state be next?

In this EWA webinar, journalists who have covered recent teacher walkouts share insights, lessons learned, and practical advice. What steps should reporters take to prepare if a walkout appears likely? How can they get ahead of the story? Also, what states are more or less likely to see a teacher strike, and why?

The presenters collectively bring experience reporting on a variety of strikes in different contexts, including statewide walkouts last spring in Arizona and Oklahoma, plus the Los Angeles teacher action in January.

The webinar addresses a variety of issues:

  • How can reporters accurately and effectively unpack key issues — teacher pay, benefits, and working conditions — as well as other factors that may have sparked unrest?
  • What does the strike mean not only for teachers but also students and families?
  • What fresh angles can journalists bring that deepen public understanding
  • What do reporters need to know about collective bargaining? How is the context different in “right-to-work” states?

This webinar was presented on February 21, 2019.