A Reporter’s Guide to Covering the 2020 Youth Vote


Young voters could have a decisive impact on elections this fall at the local, state, and federal levels — if enough of them cast a ballot. Historically, young people (ages 18 to 29) vote at much lower levels than their parents — or their grandparents.

And additional obstacles are making it tougher for college students to vote this year, analysts say, such as fewer polling stations on college campuses and confusion over voter registration rules for students who have moved back home during the pandemic.

This EWA webinar will help busy journalists hit the ground running with compelling stories on the youth vote. Topics include voter access; voter education; how race and ethnicity factor into youth voting patterns; and how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing how, where, and why students are casting ballots this November.

In addition, reporters will learn where to find reliable data and trends in youth voting, plus get tips to connect with county and state election officials, college administrators, and students — including those leading get-out-the-vote efforts on campus. And, of course, we saved plenty of time for attendee questions.

This webinar was presented on October 15, 2020.