After Election Day, What’s Next for Education?


What will President-elect Joe Biden’s victory mean for education? How does the uncertainty in political control of the Senate complicate matters? What actions can the Biden administration accomplish through executive action?

Get early indications of likely actions on issues including emergency aid for schools and colleges, civil rights enforcement, Title IX, student loans, and more during this Education Writers Association Webinar.

This webinar features a conversation with two reporters who are closely covering the elections and what they mean for education. Evie Blad of Education Week and Chris Quintana of USA Today share fresh insights and answer questions, with a focus on the information journalists need right away to explain the stakes for P-12 and higher education.

How will the election outcome shape stalled negotiations over a federal stimulus plan that might provide billions of dollars for education to states and localities? Will the results create new pressure to shift state and local plans for schooling this academic year, whether remote, hybrid, or fully in-person? And what are the longer-term consequences, like for federal civil rights enforcement, student loan debt, and more?

This webinar was presented on November 10, 2020.