But Is It Safe to Open Schools? Public Health Experts Weigh In


The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown American education into turmoil. Questions abound on the safety of operating schools and colleges in person this fall (or later on), and the trade-offs for children and young people told to stay home.

Two public health experts addressed a host of tough issues, and fielded questions, during this EWA webinar.

How safe is safe enough? What precautions are most important? What should a school do if a teacher or student tests positive for COVID-19? Should all students be required to wear masks? Are thorough daily cleanings worth the time and expense? The list goes on.

And what about the countless school systems that have opted to go all-virtual this fall? What are the key factors to guide when it’s OK to bring students back?

The speakers helped education journalists break down the health and safety challenges facing schools, and the mitigation strategies education leaders should prioritize.

This webinar was presented on August 12, 2020.