Covering Common Core in the Classroom


Despite continued debate over the Common Core, the standards are now a classroom reality for thousands of schools across more than 40 states. But what exactly does that mean? What does it look like in action? How is implementation going? Two journalists who have dug into Common Core implementation offer fresh angles on coverage, as well as suggestions on how to interview parents, teachers and students about their experiences with the standards.

Eric Gorski of Chalkbeat Colorado wrote a three-part series for the Denver Post on how the Common Core standards are playing out, featuring a Colorado kindergarten, struggles in a high school a revised Algebra 1 course, and an innovative K-8 school effort. Adolfo Guzman-Lopez of Southern California Public Radio has chronicled the insights from teachers on their training; the perspectives of parents on their confusion over the standards and new approaches; and children describing how they are teaching each other.

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