Critical Race Theory 101: Essential Context for Education Reporters

Photo credit: Allison Shelley for EDUImages


Legislation banning the teaching of “critical race theory” in schools and colleges is being advanced in statehouses all over the country. Lawmakers sponsoring these policies claim that such teaching is divisive, racist, and psychologically distressing. Opponents say that this is a manufactured misinformation campaign intended to chill teacher speech and limit educators’ ability to teach about race and racism.

Education reporters have been busy producing valuable reporting on the politics surrounding anti-critical race theory fervor. But, beyond the politics, many readers — and many journalists — are left wondering: What, exactly, is critical race theory?

In this webinar, academic experts break down the core tenets of critical race theory and how the framework has been used in education research and practice. Speakers also address how misinformation about curriculum and teaching are driving the controversy, and what journalists can do to cover the topic fairly and accurately. Reporters will gain a deeper understanding of critical race theory, resources for further learning, and tips for covering this story responsibly as new developments unfold.

This webinar was presented on June 24, 2021.