How Arts Education Can Help Students — and Schools — Recover

Photo credit: Allison Shelley


As schools gear up for education recovery over the next year, robust arts programs – in music, visual arts, theater and more – can be a powerful lever to help address key pandemic-driven challenges. That’s the case some arts education advocates are making.

They point to ways creative pursuits are well-suited to help remedy high rates of absenteeism, low student engagement, as well as diminished student well-being and sense of community. And with a whopping $126 billion in federal stimulus dollars flowing into schools, they hope school districts will join the chorus, by dedicating some of that aid to fuel ramped up arts programs.

In this webinar, Speakers address a variety of questions. How can districts tap the arts to help rebuild school communities fractured during the pandemic, and help students find joy and inspiration? What concrete ideas are arts educators bringing forward to re-engage students? How might those efforts also provide benefits to students in core academic subjects? Did the pandemic spark innovations in delivering arts education that might have staying power?

Journalists will also learn more about stimulus funds available for arts programming in schools (and how to track those dollars) and new research on the benefits of arts education. In addition, a music educator at a top performing arts high school shares how students and faculty got creative to work around social distancing guidelines that pulled the curtain down on most in-person performances.

This webinar was presented on June 16, 2021.