How Can We Widen the Pathway to the Middle Class?

Webinar offers background on “middle skills” research and training programs.


One of the most important goals of America’s education system is to launch citizens into “middle class” jobs that pay enough to provide economic security. But the number of those jobs have been shrinking, and the skills needed to land the remaining middle class jobs are changing faster than many traditional educational or training programs have been able to match.

A growing body of research and effort is aimed at improving pathways to the “middle skills” that can lead to well-paying careers.

In this webinar, you will learn about the outlook for middle skills jobs, and training programs – many outside traditional education institutions – that are helping expand opportunities. You’ll hear from a researcher who is part of the Future of the Middle Class Initiative, which aims to improve the quality of life for America’s middle class, and a practitioner who will walk through how their Generation USA program is designed for student success. A Generation USA graduate will also speak about their training experience and how it informed their job prospects.

This webinar was presented on May 11, 2021.