How COVID-19, Climate Change and Other Crises Are Changing Science Instruction


Oftentimes, science is seen as taking a back seat in K-12 education, especially at the elementary level.

Learn how current events are reinvigorating the teaching of science and how educators are leveraging phenomena, such as climate change and COVID-19, to answer pressing questions that students have. Along the way, these efforts are seeking to engage young people in deeper learning in the discipline.

In this Education Writers Association webinar, experts discuss this trend, provide real-life examples of what the approach looks like in the classroom, and show how teachers are making use of a host of new resources coming online to help.

Reporters will come away with compelling story angles on science instruction, plus get tips on questions to ask educators and students that will inform readers about recent developments in science learning.

This webinar was presented on November 4, 2021.