How Much Does College Really Cost? New ‘Tuition Tracker’ Tool Offers Answers.

Interactive Database Shows Sticker Price and ‘Net’ Price for Campuses, Plus Other Key Information


This webinar provides a demonstration of the updated “Tuition Tracker,” a collaborative data project of The Hechinger Report, EWA and The Dallas Morning News. Journalists can get embargoed access to a new tool documenting how prices at individual colleges have changed for different income groups over the last seven years. The embargo will lift on Thursday, Oct. 18, at 12:01 a.m. EDT.

The new Tuition Tracker provides:

  • An interactive tool that reveals the sticker price and “net” price (i.e., total price of attendance – including tuition and living costs – after scholarships and grants are subtracted) for students from families in five income groups at nearly 4,000 four- and two-year public, private and for-profit colleges;
  • Charts showing how prices at each college have changed since 2009;
  • Graduation and retention rate data for each college;
  • Demographic data showing the racial and ethnic makeup of each school’s student body; and
  • A downloadable file containing the tool’s underlying data.

Journalists will be free to use the data and embed the tool in any story after the embargo lifts.

Please note that registering for this webinar will constitute an agreement to abide by the terms of the embargo.

This webinar was presented on October 12, 2018.