How to Be the Best Moderator at EWA’s National Seminar

Photo credit: EWA


Congratulations! You’re an EWA National Seminar moderator. Some of you are old pros at this job, but many are moderating an EWA panel for the very first time.

We’ve put together a webinar to offer guidance and tips on how to be on the top of your game. It will be led by moderator extraordinaire Steve Drummond, the education editor at NPR.

The webinar will dispense insights to ensure a productive and highly engaging conversation. Along the way, you’ll get tips on how to interrupt a loquacious speaker, how to steer a conversation back to the original focus, and how to hone your questions to be at their most succinct. And even if you’re not attending our May 16-18 seminar, the advice will come in handy the next time you’re tapped to moderate a discussion.

Join us!