How Will Your Community Benefit From the New $81 Billion in Pandemic Relief for Education?

Experts explain ins and outs of new aid flowing to schools and universities, and how to track it


More than $81 billion in new stimulus aid is coming to schools and universities as part of the new federal COVID relief measure. Get a quick introduction to tracking the money that will flow to the schools you cover in this EWA webinar.

Two policy experts explain:

  • How you can document which schools and districts got money, and how much they received.
  • What states and educational institutions can – and cannot – spend the money on.
  • How (and whether) the new money affects the ongoing equity issues exacerbated by the pandemic, such as learning loss, access to mental health and special education services, and student housing.
  • The many surprising amendments that will affect your communities, such as the restoration of money for transportation, Pell Grants for students in prison and the simplification of the FAFSA. (These changes were part of a companion budget measure for the U.S. Department of Education for fiscal 2021.)
  • What popular programs were left unfunded in the final U.S. Department of Education budget.

Reporters will walk away with story ideas and practical tips for following the money in the coming year.

This webinar was presented on January 14, 2021.