Pathways: Experts Offer a Quick Roundup on Student Loan Forgiveness

Webinar will provide journalists with resources, context and answers about education debt forgiveness plans


Proposals to forgive some or all of the nation’s $1.5 trillion in student loans are making headlines as the Biden administration considers how to restart the economy and make the U.S. education system more equitable.

In this EWA webinar, speakers discussed the impact of student debt forgiveness on access to higher education and pathways to good jobs. They shared their insights and answered audience questions on this pressing topic.

The webinar panel featured a leading proponent of full forgiveness, the policy lead for the nation’s financial aid officers group, a Wall Street Journal reporter who has written a book on student debt, and a MarketWatch journalist who specializes in covering student loan issues. Watch the video now and gain tips on how to better cover the arguments over – and implications of – various forgiveness proposals.

This webinar was presented on February 9, 2021.

EWA thanks the Ascendium Education Group and the Joyce Foundation for making this webinar possible through generous grants to EWA. And thank you to Strada Education Network for sponsoring this webinar. EWA retains all editorial control over its programming.