The Science of Reading and School Leadership


The newest round of test scores on NAEP, dubbed the “nation’s report card,” show that only about one-third of U.S. fourth and eighth graders are proficient in reading. The data come amid heightened concern that reading instruction is frequently out of step with decades of scientific research.

In this webinar, we examine the problems with widespread teaching practices in reading, and look at the pivotal role school principals, as instructional leaders, can play in changing instruction to help more students become strong readers. Journalists will come away with the tools and knowledge to examine the state of reading instruction in their own communities.

Editor Liana Loewus walks through the Education Week series, “Getting Reading Right.” It highlights a variety of issues, including how professional development networks, teacher preparation programs, and popular curriculum materials are advancing approaches to reading instruction that fail to align with cognitive research. Joining her is principal Anders Rasmussen, who shares how he came to absorb the research on the science of reading, and what he has done to shift his elementary school’s teaching practices.

You can also download Liana Loewus’ presentation slides!

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This webinar was presented on December 18, 2019.