Three Story Ideas on Students With Disabilities in the COVID-19 Era


Schools opening their doors this fall are bringing back students with disabilities in the first wave of in-person learning. These students are prioritized because online learning isn’t meeting their particular needs, and parents working from home while supporting their children with disabilities face an additional hurdle: they aren’t professionals trained in alternative learning methods.

In this webinar, the Education Writers Association brings together a special education teacher, an expert on learning disabilities and a reporter on the beat to talk through the conflicting need to support students and the risky reality of rushing back into classrooms. You will get insights into three story ideas to add to your coverage of education in the coronavirus era.

Many teachers and parents question whether schools are taking the necessary safety precautions, even as they worry about learning loss at home. Some teachers’ unions are pushing back against returning to the classroom, arguing schools are being negligent in their safety protocols. Parents frustrated with the high cost of personal tutors have filed lawsuits in several states. Transportation is another point of contention in many districts. Additionally, journalists often cover disabled students as a monolith, glossing over the many different challenges each different disability poses. Watch this webinar to learn more about the stories you should be keeping on your radar.

This webinar was presented on October 9, 2020.