Tracking State Policies Around Children’s Well-Being


The ongoing pandemic has heightened  concerns about children’s mental and physical health, food insecurity and trauma. One factor that can have a big impact on children’s health that is too often overlooked by the media: a state’s policies governing schools’ responses to student health and safety issues.

These rules vary greatly from state to state: Some states require schools to hire nurses. Others don’t. Some states require schools to train staff to recognize signs of trauma. Some states encourage school district plans on how staff should respond to indicators of depression or other indicators of mental health crises.

This express half-hour webinar walks reporters through how to use a treasure trove of state policies around children’s well-being. It also provides even more helpful well-being data when the majority of students and teachers return to in-person school. Hear from a Child Trends data expert on how to use its wide-ranging collection of state policies.

This webinar was presented on February 4, 2021.