Trauma in the Classroom: What Reporters Need to Know


Attention is growing to the detrimental impact stress and trauma have on children’s learning and development. In response, some schools are rethinking everything from student discipline and support services to teacher training. The shift has also given birth to a whole new set of terms and practices for education reporters to understand and break down for their audiences.

In this webinar, presenters explore what it looks like for schools to adopt “trauma-informed” strategies. They also examine research that forms the basis of this approach. Larry Walker, a lecturer at Loyola University Maryland discusses the connections to race and school discipline. Jackie Mader, a reporter for The Hechinger Report, shares tips for weaving research into your reporting and discusses areas ripe for deeper coverage.

Viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the effects of trauma and fresh story ideas to pursue in their own communities.

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This webinar was presented December 18, 2018.