Using Big Data for Education Story Ideas


How effective is your local school? Sure, test scores aren’t everything, but until recently, efforts to crunch achievement data to draw conclusions about school quality have been undermined by concerns about fairness: Are test scores measuring the effectiveness of the school, or just the wealth of the parents?

But now the Stanford Education Data Archives has launched a new tool that can help reporters shine a clearer light on how well students at individual schools and districts are progressing, and whether the school is closing achievement gaps.

This webinar provides an introduction to the Educational Opportunity Project at Stanford University. You’ll learn how to use the tool to analyze up to 350 million test scores of 50 million students attending 70,000 elementary and middle schools across the country.

Stanford University professor Sean Reardon and ProPublica education reporter Annie Waldman walk journalists through how to use the data and possible story ideas it will generate.

This webinar was presented on December 10, 2019.