Using Tuition Tracker to Strengthen Your College Affordability Reporting


Rising college tuition continues to be one of the most important stories that education journalists cover. But fact-checking exactly what price a college charges can be surprisingly difficult. At many schools, for example, almost no students pay the “sticker price” posted on the website.

In this webinar, EWA has teamed with The Hechinger Report to explore the updated version of their Tuition Tracker tool, that can help journalists quickly and easily look up and compare the “net” prices students pay after grants and scholarships are subtracted. It shows the average net prices paid at each college by students from various income backgrounds. It also uses historical trends to project the likely prices that school will charge in the coming years.

With this tool, you’ll be able to answer questions like: Which colleges in your coverage area are becoming unaffordable for certain kinds of students? Which are projected to be the most expensive schools in your state?

The tool’s data developer and a veteran journalist give a quick walk-through demonstration of how to use the Tuition Tracker’s features and offer story ideas that you can take back to your newsroom about the “real cost” of college in your coverage area.

This webinar was presented on October 28th, 2019.