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Video: How Reporters Can Evaluate Summer Student Outcomes

The American Rescue Plan earmarked over $1 billion for summer school programs to catch students up. Did it work?

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About the Webinar

Reporters should focus on requesting public records about summer learning programs and their outcomes amid the back-to-school season.

With the American Rescue Plan (ARP) came more than $1 billion in funding earmarked for summer learning and a national call to action. Have these increased investments moved the needle on academic recovery? How did state education agencies step into their newfound roles in supporting summer programming? What questions should reporters ask as they make sense of the data?

Get answers and story ideas from the Education Writers Association’s webinar recording on all things summer learning. Experts shared how high-quality programs can translate into academic and social-emotional development gains and how states evaluated their impact with an eye toward equity.

Download: Aaron Dworkin – NSLA Slides