Video: Covering Efforts to Grow and Diversify the Teacher Workforce

Get expert guidance to better report on teacher workforce issues, and learn what leaders are doing to bolster the teacher pipeline.

About the Webinar

Experts and journalists helped reporters learn more about different entry points to the teaching profession and how they present opportunities to increase diversity among the teacher workforce.

Finding ways to bolster the teacher pipeline is essential as teacher shortages remain a challenge in certain geographic and subject areas; plus, enrollment in teacher-preparation programs is just beginning to rebound from a decade-long decline. The work needed must include recruitment and retention of teachers of color, given that the demographics of the teacher workforce do not reflect those of the nation’s students.

Research indicates teachers are among the most important factors in student achievement. It also shows that students of color benefit from having a teacher who looks like them – in fact, all students benefit when they have teachers who are racially and ethnically diverse. Watch the recording to better understand this issue and get reporting tips.

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