Video: Making Sense of Early Learning Policy

Experts highlight how states are utilizing a variety of policy levers to support early learning in the webinar recording.

About the Webinar

A 2023 National Women’s Law Center report highlights how states are tackling child care access and affordability, workforce recruitment and retention, and more.

Some of these policies and their effects on early learning are clear — they may boost early educators’ wages, benefits, and opportunities for professional development, or expand thresholds for eligibility to obtain child care assistance. Others appear to be more convoluted.

Get essential background and localized story ideas in EWA’s webinar recording.

  • Learn how to jump start your early care and education coverage.
  • Understand which trends to follow.
  • Discover how zoning laws, tax policy, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families can help support early learning and child development.

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