Video: Child Care Workforce Crisis and Covering Efforts to Put Out the ‘Five-Alarm Fire’

The webinar recording will help higher ed and K-12 reporters learn about the early childhood education workforce and what’s being done to address challenges. 

Photo credit: Alkitanapa/Bigstock

About the Webinar

Poverty-level wages and alarmingly high turnover rates are endemic to the child care workforce. Experts refer to the ongoing staffing shortage in early childhood education as a “five-alarm fire” because it has reached such crisis proportions.

To help journalists understand the links between K-12 or higher education coverage and early childhood education issues, the Education Writers Association held a webinar on the early childhood educator pipeline.

Experts weighed in on teacher development and preparation and innovative pathways to credentialing and licensure. They also highlighted other training programs that help recruit both new talent from high school and college settings, and existing talent with practical experience under their belts from early childhood settings.

After watching this video, you will: 

  • Gain valuable insights on the current state of the early childhood education workforce.
  • Understand efforts to rebuild the pipeline for future child care professionals.
  • Learn how the availability and quality of child care impacts a child’s readiness for school and long-term academic success.

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