Video: What Reporters Should Know About Teacher Shortages

The webinar recording will help reporters get answers about teacher shortages at the national and local levels.

Photo credit: Allison Shelley for EDUimages



About the Webinar

School districts claim that teachers are leaving the profession in droves as a result of the pandemic. Is that true, or is the teacher shortage a chronic problem exacerbated by COVID-19? Who are the missing teachers? How can journalists hold school districts accountable – to their staff, to their families?

Watch a webinar recording dedicated to supporting the journalists who are seeking answers about teacher shortages at the national and local levels.

This video from the Education Writers Association will help journalists unpack the topic.

  • Discover which teaching positions are most affected
  • Hear about what data exists (and what doesn’t)
  • Get a look inside a Boston classroom from a teacher’s perspective
  • Understand the invisible work educators do when vacancies go unfilled
  • Get fresh story ideas and questions to ask school districts