What Does the GOP Tax Overhaul Mean for Education?


With President Trump expected to sign GOP legislation approved this week to overhaul the tax code, analysts are scrambling to unpack the complicated GOP deal, including the stakes for education. The plan could make it much harder for some communities to pay for public schools, analysts say, while it offers a new tax break for private school tuition and other K-12 expenses. Meanwhile, last-minute dealmaking has led to key shifts in how the tax package will impact colleges and universities.

Join two national journalists — Scott Jaschik of Inside Higher Ed and Caitlin Emma of Politico — who have closely tracked developments and the education angle in this fast-moving legislation. They will offer a quick primer on the tax measure, field your questions, and help you localize the story for your community.

When: Thursday, December 21, 2:00-3:00 p.m. EST