2022 News (Midsize Newsroom) Finalists

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Kalyn Belsha, Stephanie Wang, Erica Meltzer & Marta W. Aldrich


Rethinking What Students Learn, One State at a Time

Comments From the Judges:

“From one Colorado lawmaker’s efforts to downplay the word “Nazi” to Tennessee’s struggle to set up a book appeals process required by law, these stories illuminate just how culture wars are playing out in complex ways with educators and schools caught in the crosshairs. Chalkbeat elevates student and educator voices to underscore what’s at stake when lessons are politicized.”

“Excellent work. What stands out is the focus on the subjects (students etc.) who are affected. Having various cities represented and subjects from different backgrounds adds to the storytelling!”

Carrie Peirce, Chris Papst, Jed Gamber, Dwayne Myers & Ray Rogowski

Fox45 Baltimore

Disabled & Denied 

Comments From the Judges:

“Days after watching this series, I’m still fuming at how these children had their futures stolen because of the utter disregard of the officials in the school system. The deep dive into how these students were treated exposed critical flaws in the system that went beyond poor procedures and ventured into educational malpractice. Incredible storytelling from start to finish.”

“Indefatigable. Impressive multi-part series finding Baltimore’s school system lying while denying an education to students legally, federally entitled to an adequate one, because of disabilities. Numerous, allegedly falsified report cards were among damning pieces of evidence in the story.”

Stephen Sawchuk, Ileana Najarro & Laura Baker

Education Week

How the Debate About Race Is Changing Social Studies Content

Comments From the Judges:

“A fascinating series exploring how states are teaching students what to think and not how. The specifics playing out in a handful states highlights what this larger fight over a civics overhaul means, how it’s playing out in state capitols and classrooms and the politics behind it.”

“This is journalism at its best. Comprehensive look at the issue and the complexities for the people – teachers and others charged with writing or rewriting history due to the pressure. It goes beyond the facts to show the cause and effect. Really well done Hopefully it reaches people on all sides of this debate.”