2023 Finalists for the EGF Accelerator’s Eddie Prize

See finalists listed in alphabetical order.

Gail Cornwall

The Hechinger Report

All You Need Is One Community to Help Pick You Up: Solutions for Restoring College Dreams

Comments From the Judges:

“A trio of well-written, thoroughly-researched and moving stories that illustrate the barriers facing underserved students and highlight some emerging solutions that could help them overcome them.”

“What a beautiful, nuanced story. Great job. Great reporting with compelling characters.”

Eric Hoover

The Chronicle of Higher Education

48 Hours Inside a Student Emergency-Aid Experiment

Comments From the Judges:

“48 hours is rich in detail and full of compassion for the teacher and the students she supports. It offers an innovative solution to a growing challenge in higher education: how to support students who are, as Hoover puts it, ‘one blown tire, one sick child, one lost job away from a crisis’.”

“I really liked this one. So detailed. So heartbreaking.”

Deborah Jian Lee

Esquire & Economic Hardship Reporting Project

Persecution in the Name of the Lord

Comments From the Judges:

“This is a great story I’ve never read before. We all knew it happened, I guess, but this is an amazing work of reporting and writing. A standout entry that deftly combines accountability reporting, narrative writing and personal memoir.”

“Searing, powerful reporting that propels you through the piece. Very impressive work.”