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Student Testing

Learn about student testing, from federal policies and laws to important background and history. Plus, learn common exams and important terms. Understand the racial achievement gap and why acknowledging the opportunity gap is important.

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Student Tests for K-12 and College Students
Get important background about the most common tests and assessments given to K-12 and college students in America.
History and Background: Student Testing
See a historical timeline, from 1965 and onward, of federal laws and programs that shaped how students are tested and how often they’re assessed in America.
Data/Research: Student Testing
NAEP, ACT, SAT, AP and more. Here’s how to find student testing data and research for your next reporting project.
Racial Achievement Gaps: Student Testing
Get important context and background that can help you understand and cover education inequities, especially those causing racial achievement gaps and opportunity gaps.
Glossary: Student Testing Terms
There are many common terms and jargon used when referencing student testing and assessments. Get caught up by reading this glossary.
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