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NAEP, ACT, SAT, AP and more. Here’s how to find student testing data and research for your next reporting project.

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The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) provides testing information for the nation, states and districts.

Its main page includes assessment & results and resources & data tools sections that break down each of the subjects tested. It also provides state and district profiles and statistical tools. Recent results show the pandemic’s effect on student learning. 

NAEP Resources 

Achievement Levels

NAEP created a two-page document explaining its reading and math achievement levels, including Basic, Proficient or Advanced, and what skills students need to reach them.

Long-Term Trend Assessment Results (September 2022)

The results show post-pandemic reading and math losses.

Math and Reading Results (October 2022)

Math assessment results in grades four and eight show the largest score declines since 1990. See the NAEP math report card 

Reading assessment results in grades four  and eight show average fourth- grade scores lower than all assessments dating to 2005 and average eighth- grade scores lower than all assessments dating to 1998. See the NAEP reading report card

NAEP Data Explorer 

Create your own reports choosing jurisdiction, grade level, and subject. The search tool allows users to find additional information, such as by student groups.


Find state/jurisdiction performance on assessments.

Discover district/jurisdiction performance on assessments. 

Questions Tool

See a sample of questions asked on various assessments and how students performed.

Trial Urban District Assessment 

Learn about the TUDA and see results and participating districts since 2002.

Other Student Testing Results 


As of 2022, Advanced Placement scores are no longer posted publicly by race and ethnicity.  


The scores are broken down by gender and race.


National scores, including participation and performance, are broken down by race. State-by-state reports are also available by clicking the state reports download link.


These results are provided in various formats by each individual state department of education. Here are a few examples from around the nation: California, Illinois, Maryland, New York and Texas.