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Latino Voters Rank Education as a Top Issue

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poll released this week found that Latino voters place improving K-12 education above immigration as a top issue of concern in the upcoming presidential election.

According to the poll by the Federation for Children and the Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options, 58 percent of Latinos agree that “we need to hear more from the presidential candidates on how they will improve education.” In comparison, 49 percent of all voters agreed with the statement.

The majority of Hispanics also agreed that improving education is central to improving the economy.

The organizations that conducted the survey support school choice, and asked many questions about related issues. The survey found 60 percent of Latinos agreed that “giving parents more choices of schools will improve the education system.” It also found that Latinos strongly support higher pay for higher performing teachers.

The poll included 750 likely voters in English and Spanish in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, and New Mexico.

Read the complete results here.