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National Hispanic University Campus Will Keep Focus on Education

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The impending closure of the National Hispanic University in San Jose, California, was sad news to many.

But the San Jose Mercury News reports that the campus will actually be continuing to serve Latino students in other ways, through three new initiatives by Santa Clara University and the NHU Foundation.

On the site, the Institute for Hispanic Educational Advancement will be launching in June. According to a news release, the center will focus on research, policies and practices related to education.

In addition, SCU will offer a graduate studies program through which students can earn a master’s degree in teaching and a California teaching credential. The university announced that scholarships will be provided to students who enroll in the program who commit to teaching in schools with significant Hispanic populations.

“Our goal is to offer innovative and transformative programs for teachers, who in turn make the greatest impact on the children whom they teach,” said Nicholas Ladany, dean of SCU’s School of Education and Counseling Psychology, according to the press release. “It is critical that schools of education learn about what works best for engaging Hispanic students, and we are humbled by this opportunity.”

In addition, two charter high schools, the Latino College Preparatory Academy and the Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy will be moved to the campus in July.

Former NHU president David Lopez will head up the new Institute, and told the newspaper that the institute will identify teaching methods to use at the high school, and some of the teachers being trained will assist with carrying out those initiatives.

“It’s a unique approach that doesn’t exist anywhere in the country right now,” said Lopez told the Mercury News. “We’re going to educate Latino kids to be the workforce of California, at all levels of society and the economy.”