EWA Announces 2023 National Awards for Education Reporting Category Winners

For the full list of category winners, click here.

Photo credit: James Minichello of AASA for EWA

May 30, 2024 (WASHINGTON, DC)—The Education Writers Association is delighted to present the category winners for the 2023 National Awards for Education Reporting, recognizing the top education journalism in the United States.

Journalist honorees exposed unfair disciplinary actions against historically marginalized students, examined the implications of a Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action for college students, and investigated the questionable business practices of a tutoring company. They also showed how school political battles driven by extremism don’t fit into a neat conservative and liberal divide. 

Several entries even brought historical context to important issues, from an integration experiment that folded despite its success to colleges destabilizing Black neighborhoods by eminent domain. 

“This year’s winners uncovered systemic injustices, but also possible solutions to seemingly intractable problems,” said Kathy Chow, EWA’s executive director. “They looked at a wide array of topics from Title IX to dyslexia.”  

EWA announced the category prizes in person at an evening awards reception during its 77th National Seminar in Las Vegas. Each category prize comes with an honorarium of $1,000.

Winners were selected from among 440 eligible entries for 17 categories of competition. EWA introduced three new awards categories, including one for student journalism, and four new subcategories: two for broadcast journalism and two for education-only outlets.

The awards competition was independently judged by 92 current and former editors and reporters. Many are past recipients of prestigious journalism awards from EWA and others.

On Friday, May 31, EWA will honor top-prize  winners: The Ronald Moskowitz Prize for Outstanding Beat Reporting comes with $2,500; the EGF Accelerator’s Eddie Prize comes with $7,500, and the Fred M. Hechinger Grand Prize for Distinguished Education Reporting comes with $10,000. 

EWA would like to thank all who entered the competition and express our deep gratitude to the busy professionals who volunteered their time to evaluate this year’s many fine entries.