Journalist Scholarships Terms & Conditions for the 76th EWA National Seminar

EWA is pleased to offer scholarships to qualified journalists. Applications close on May 9.  

Photo credit: James Minichello, AASA

EWA is pleased to offer scholarships to qualified journalists. Scholarships may be used to offset the costs of attending the seminar, potentially including registration, travel, and/or lodging. Scholarships are granted on an individual basis, provided funding is available.

The following terms & conditions apply to all scholarships:

  • EWA is fair and equal in all of its scholarship processes for all persons, without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other characteristics protected by law.
  • An application submission does not guarantee a scholarship will be awarded.
  • Applicants may be awarded partial scholarships that do not include all costs requested.
  • Scholarships are only available for active journalist members of EWA who are in good standing.
  • All scholarship decisions are final. There is no appeals process for decisions made regarding the awarding of these scholarships.
  • Scholarship recipients agree to follow all instructions and deadlines in their award letter as a condition of their scholarships. If a recipient fails to follow instructions, EWA reserves the right to modify or revoke the scholarship award.
  • Any requests for modification or adjustment to an awarded scholarship must be approved by EWA in advance in writing.
  • Reimbursements will be made after the National Seminar concludes and only if the recipient attends the 2023 National Seminar in Atlanta, follows submission instructions as specified on the reimbursement form, and participates in all follow-up surveys or evaluations by the specified deadline.
  • All reimbursement forms must be submitted by July 15, 2023.
  • Scholarship recipients may want to consider purchasing travel insurance to reduce the risk of unforeseen events that may prevent attendance. EWA does not reimburse the cost of travel insurance.
  • Scholarships do not include reimbursement for additional meals beyond those provided during the seminar.
  • If this reimbursement policy creates a financial hardship for individual scholarship recipients, EWA may be able to reimburse airfare early on a case-by-case basis. The recipient should complete and submit this form immediately.
  • If a recipient must cancel after receiving a scholarship letter, they must contact EWA immediately so the scholarship can be released and reallocated to another qualified applicant.
  • Journalists from the same news outlet may be eligible to receive a scholarship, but must submit individual applications in order to be considered.
  • Scholarships are non-transferable.

Registration Fees and Scholarships


The 2023 National Seminar registration fees and schedule are:

  • Early Bird: $550/person (opening to Feb. 28, 2023)
  • Regular: $650/person (March 1, 2023 to May 8, 2023)
  • Late: $800/person (May 1, 2023 until May 12, 2023 or until sold out)

Travel Scholarships

  • Travel scholarship recipients are responsible for arranging and paying for their travel at the time of booking. Recipients should refer to their travel reward letters for details on what type of travel to purchase.
  • EWA will reimburse up to the awarded travel amount for those who attend the seminar and complete all required steps as specified.
  • If the recipient’s scholarship includes car travel reimbursement (in lieu of airfare or train fare), the scholarship may cover mileage at the prevailing federal rate OR direct expenses (such as gas, tolls, and/or parking). Limits on the reimbursed amount still apply.
  • Travel scholarships do not cover ground travel, including but not limited to taxis, mileage, parking, or shuttles between home and the airport or between the airport and the conference hotel.
  • Travel scholarships do not cover other travel fees, including but not limited to baggage fees (checked or carry-on), early boarding fees, upgrades, travel insurance, or other fees that are not customary or reasonable.

Lodging Scholarships

  • Recipients of lodging scholarships are responsible for arranging their lodging at the conference hotel.
  • EWA will reimburse up to the awarded lodging amount for those who attend the seminar and complete all required steps as specified.
  • Lodging scholarships are only valid at the conference hotel at the prevailing EWA block rate (or less), including the base room rate and associated taxes. If additional charges to the room are made (e.g., room service), recipients are responsible for those costs.
  • Lodging scholarships do not cover hotel costs beyond the scholarship award and the parameters of the seminar, including but not limited to incidentals, early check-in fees, late check-out fees, room rates above the EWA block rate, parking, or additional nights at the hotel unless specifically approved by EWA in advance.