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Journalist Scholarship Steps for the 77th EWA National Seminar

If you’re a qualified journalist, take these steps to apply for a scholarship to attend the 2024 EWA National Seminar in Las Vegas.

Photo credit: James Minichello, AASA

Journalism Scholarships: Update as of April 25

Thank you for your interest in attending the 2024 National Seminar. Applications for scholarships have now closed.

If you would like to forgo a scholarship, please register now. The last day for late registration is May 8.

  1. Review the Terms and Conditions
    You will be asked to agree to them as you submit your scholarship application.
  2. Apply for a Scholarship
    You will need to describe your financial needs and qualifications.
  3. Wait for an Award Confirmation
    Your scholarship application will be reviewed by EWA. An application submission does not guarantee a scholarship will be awarded. Applicants may be awarded partial scholarships that do not include all costs requested.
  4. Receive Award Letter
    You will receive an award confirmation letter by email.
  5. Register for Seminar
    After you receive the award letter, you must register for the seminar by the deadline provided in the letter. 
  6. Book Your Hotel Room
    After you receive the award letter, you must book your own room. Follow the limitations noted in the letter.*
  7. Book Your Travel
    After you receive an award letter, you must book your own travel to the seminar. Follow the limitations noted in the letter.* 
  8. Attend the Seminar
    Come to the seminar and make sure you check in at the seminar registration desk. Then head to sessions!
  9. Complete the Seminar Evaluation
    After the seminar, complete an online evaluation. You will receive a link and instructions by email.
  10. Submit Travel Reimbursement
    Once you’ve completed the evaluation, submit your expenses reimbursement form and receipts. The reimbursement form will be sent out after the seminar concludes. Do not send anything to EWA until you have received this form. This will delay your reimbursement.
  11. Receive Reimbursement Check/ACH Deposit
    You can receive your reimbursement via check or ACH. Checks will be sent in a plain-looking envelope from a third-party vendor. If you wish to have your reimbursement deposited directly into your bank account, please fill out the ACH form, which will be included with your reimbursement form.

*If this reimbursement policy creates a financial hardship for individual scholarship recipients, EWA may be able to reimburse airfare early on a case-by-case basis. The recipient should complete and submit this form.